S08E22 Psyche Yo Mind: Therapy/Psychiatry Movies - Host "Travlov's Dog", co-host "Gone Baby Shawn", CCS Regulator "Chel Interrupted" and guest "What a...View Details

S08E21 Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs: Neo-Christian/Faith Based Films - For Easter host "Book of Travelations" & co-host "The 7th Shawn" put on our seers...View Details

S08E20 She's Great, To Say the Wiest: For her 73rd Birthday! The Films of Dianne Wiest - Host "I am Trav", co-host "Lil' Shawn Tate" and CCS Regulator...View Details

S08E19 Don't Get Old Man: The Films of Gary Oldman - In celebration of his 63rd Birthday, Host "Sid TraVicious", co-host "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sha...View Details

S08E18 The Con is On: Grifter Movies - Host "Travolver" co-host "AmeriShawn Hustle", and CCS Regulator "KaChelionaire" play the game with no name, sca...View Details

S08E17 Pod is Mightier than the Sword: Shakespearean Films - Host "Travolio", co-host "Titus Shawndronicus" and CCS Regulator "All's  Chell that Ends ...View Details

S08E16 A Tale of Two Coreys: Feldman/Haim Films - Host "License to Trav". co-host "Shawnd By Me" and CCS Regulator "Chelver Bullet" teen idolize thems...View Details

S08E15 You Gotta Eat! : Food Movies - Host "TraVeal Parmigiana", co-host "Chef Shawn" CCS Regulator "Chelie and Chelia" & guest "Knowles Reservati...View Details

S08E14 Re-Makin' the Bacon: Kevin Bacon Movies - Recorded remotely, host "Travliners", co-host "DestinaShawn Anywhere" & CCS Regulator "Chelephant...View Details

S08E13 Get On Our Level: Video Game Movies - Host "TRON", co-host "E. Shawnda", CCS regulator "PikaChel" & returning player "Super Markio" Power U...View Details

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